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Radiskull & Devil Doll Music (MP3 files and Lyrics)

The Radiskull music is most-widely-heard music I have ever created. It has received considerable collage and club play. Several million MP3 downloads since 2000.
Burning Image -- my old band
Long ago, I was in a Goth-Metal band. Alternative Tentacles released a new Burning Image CD containing all of our original recordings (2004).
Below, two songs of mine (in MP3 format) from a few years ago. Words, music, recording, performance by me!

Round One
This is a weird song, but interesting. It is about those phases of your life that start out so great, but end up so very wrong. I really like some of the music, transitions, and sound-bending sequencing I did for this, but I cringe at my vocals. I tried to do different rapping and singing things with my voice. Not the most high quality recording, though. I used an old, cheap Alesis mixer and a cheap mic.

Right-click (win) or control-click (mac) to download file:
MP3 file for "Round One!"
By Joe Sparks

Freak (ala mode)
This was my first attempt to do a "Brag & Boast" style of rap song. It has some cool music, and I think I did well on some of the raps, but I am not in love with it. This one has a nicer production value than Round One, but I think Round One is more interesting musically. I would give this a B-minus. Worth a listen though!

Right-click (win) or control-click (mac) to download file:
MP3 file named: "Freak.mp3" By Joe Sparks
File size: 3.3 megs

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You can see a photo of my little recording studio, and a listing of some of my equipment HERE.

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