Hold on a sec, we'll be at the new joesparks.com soon.

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I've returned to my roots as an independent creator/publisher.

I wrote a country-western love song to After Effects

I posted some new music video stories on my YouTube Channel at YouTube.com/JoeSparks.

Did you know I published a new Radiskull song? I did! Go listen to it a few times, the lyrics are pretty funny (if I may review my own work).

Most of my visitors remember Radiskull & Devil Doll and ask about Episode 9.

Be the first to know when E9 is ready: subscribe to my YouTube Channel. I promise to alert my subscribers first.

You can see some of my original Radiskull & Devil Doll story boards and other key drawings I used to guide my animation in my Sometimes I Draw" music video:

Best wishes and I hope to hear from you!