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When I was a gothy mutant teen, I was in a band called Burning Image. We had a bizarre look, a mean & eclectic sound, and a lot of fun. We wrote and recorded quite a few original songs, played many shows, and developed a nice following in our California home of Bakersfield & Kern Country. Our 7 inch recording (Final Conflict/Burning Image, Burning) managed to get some distribution and college/hipster radio airplay, and we started opening for some larger shows out of town, for Specimen, Dead Kennedys, 45 Grave, Butthole Surfers, and others. We wound up on a compilation album called "Let's Die." It was a very fun period of my life. After a few concentrated years of rehearsing almost every day & and being the best of friends, we slowly went our separate ways.

Burning Image in the 80's
(L to R: Joe Sparks, Moses Adame, Paul Burch, Tony Bonanno)

Resurrected 2004
Moe called me in early 2004 with some interesting news- he had worked out a deal with Alternative Tentacles (Jello Biafra's record label) and AT were going to release all of our early songs & recordings. Exciting, and shocking. Moe and the gang planned a CD Release party & show for June. The CD is now available in so many major retailers across the USA, and also in Europe. We played the show, and it was so much fun to be together again. The place was packed and the band sounded really great, thanks to all of the hard work of Moe, Paul, Tony & Marc. I came down a day early for just one rehearsal before the show, with all the hard work already done.

Joe & Moe playing the Burning Image CD Release Show

The whole event was simply an astonishing thing to go through for me.. a flood of old memories, a great time catching up with some of the best people I have ever known, and a thrill to to see such a big interesting audience of all ages show up to be a part of it. I've put my pictures from the weekend up here, and hopefully, I will have some more to put up as I receive them from some of the many other photographers who were there that night.

My Early Songs
On the new CD, Moe Adame wrote most of the songs. I wrote and sang lead on 3 songs: Hives, Love Mask, and Burning Image, Burning. Moe's songs are easier to listen to, mine are weird and extremely pompous! Hee hee!! For those of you who know my music over the years, you will recognize some of the "darkness." Love Mask might remind you a little of "Bring on the Pain." I hope you will get a chance to hear them all!

Friends of mine have picked up the CD at Tower, Amoeba, Virgin, Target, and other places around the country. Moe is getting letters from France, Germany, and all over Europe- so this thing is definitely out there!

The New Burning Image CD -- with 13 songs
Burning Image CD Page at Alternative Tentacles

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"..Burning Image certainly played a role
in influencing today's goth punks."
from - Cool CD Review September 2004

our CD was recommended by Village Voice July 2004
Rank #23 on EMUSIC GOTH LIST July 2004
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Paul, Moe, Joe after the sound check
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