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Hello, my name is Joe Sparks. I make digitial media for your amusement.

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Almost nothing has changed on this site for ten years! I am keeping it up as a time capsule for now!

New: "Post-It Note Art" blog. Some cute scribbles.

Some strange artwork for Royalty Free Imagesyou.

Radiskull & Devil Doll Comic book, now a SERIES.
No longer just a test issue! It looks like the first R&DD comic did well enough to warrant a real series.Devil's Due is the publisher, how appropriate!

Me, "Company Leader" @ Macromedia!
See me on video in THE MACROMEDIA STORY. In this very innovative presentation, you'll catch me chatting about the early days of the company, the industry, & the software. I go way back with Macromedia (the makers of Flash MX ). See my BIO for extra details about this.

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My former beloved show:
Radiskull & Devil Doll
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Want to make your own cartoons? Or maybe you just want to learn more about how I put Radiskull & Devil Doll together! If so, check this out! I made my first Flash animation training CD-ROM, now shipping!

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