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Flash Forward Presents
Getting to the Source: Behind Radiskull & Devil Doll


New! A live video animation training
CD-ROM by Radiskull & Devil Doll
creator, Joe Sparks!

This is a big seminar on a disk! Over 2 hours of live video & audio. Watch as I open the source files of each Radiskull & Devil Doll episode inside Flash, revealing the work and strategy behind the animation.

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Most of the video is captured live from my computer screen, with additional audio from my own voice as I narrate each detail.

I explain how the characters are put together. I step you through special effects like smoke and fire. I explain all of my main methods for creating cartoons, and more!



Runs on both Mac & Windows!

See how Devil Doll is built inside Flash...
A video chat with Lynda Weinman...
Joe Sparks Lynda Weinman

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Check out a few screens from the CD-ROM...

Behind Radiskull & Devil Doll
CD-ROM Table of Contents

Joe Sparks Lynda Weinman

Episode 1
• How It All Started
• Radiskull in Freehand
• Creating Viewer Excitement

Episode 2
• Rendered Backgrounds and Complex Characters
• Using Cheats
• Using Background and Cropping Scenes
• Expression and Animation
• Shape Tweening

Episode 3
• Movement and Distance
• Animating Candy Angel

Episode 4
• Animated Gradients

Episode 5
• Effects

Episode 6
• Animating Wicked Nikki

Episode 7
• Organizing Complicated Files

Episode 8
• Using 3D Elements
• Reusing Artwork
• Animating Depth
• Publishing Episodes

Joe Sparks

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