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Joe Sparks <>
Dicky & Jackie Theme Song Music Video

version 22b

characters art music animation sound & voices by Joe Sparks

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Q: Who is the extra guy at the end?
A: That's Hermie, Dicky's best friend.
Q: What's the floating Robot head thing?

A: Dicky's faithful Robot "Bleebot."

Q: Jackie's a painter, what about DIcky?

A: He is a psi-pilot and engineer. He is an independent contractor for the US Air Force Space Command. He also cooks.

Q: Episode 1 will be about..?

A: Join my mailing list, I'll let you know!

Q: Where did you get the music?

A: As with Radiskull & Devil Doll, I write, perform, sing, & record all of the music myself.

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