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Here are some of my various attempts apply my "Dicky & Jackie" digital-cartoon styling's on non-digital media. Click on any image below to see a larger version. Also, OD

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Careful, Country Boy!
Colored Pencils and ink

(Preview is tight crop, click image to see actual image.)



Careful Country Boy

When Life Was Good
Colored Pencils and ink - 2004

Once upon a time a woman & a man shared a Great Big Bed.


Milk Shakes with Michael Jackson & Prince
Colored Pencils and ink - 2003

Three subjects I really enjoy, all in one image. MJ and Prince may seem a little miffed, but they are actually just a little uncomfortable to be seated together in this context, as my imagination would have it.

Milkshakes w MJ and Prince by Joe Sparks

Adrienne at Work
Water color and ink - 2003

Portrait of the talented & ultra foxy Adrienne. I tried to simplify her paintings to fit into my stripped-down, big-headed world.

Adrienne by Joe Sparks

The Star is Making Us Nervous
Colored Pencils- 2003

Sometimes our desire for the limelight causes problems in our life. Please be careful.

Sometimes We Feel Like Eating Pancakes
Water colors and Ink- 2003

I like this one, because it makes me happy to look at it.

Water colors can be so much brighter than colored pencils, but I end up using the pencils more, because I can carry them into meetings and use them without too much fuss.


Nader at Work
Colored Pencils and Ink- 2003

My pal Nader. His is pictured on the job with some of his tools.

Nader at Work

Cash Balance
Colored Pencils and Ink- 2003

Coming up with enough money to keep you and your loved ones safe & happy can be very difficult sometimes. That's why people with extra money should send some my way. Then I can get some new equipment and make this hilarious TV show I was born to do. It will have animation and live video and I will put it on DVD for you and your loved ones to treasure forever! Hee hee!


Cash Balance

Michelangelo with Dance Partner
Colored Pencils and Ink- 2003

Michelangelo, a good friend of mine, is a legendary dancer. When he gets paired up with a gal than can keep up with him, people just stop and watch the show. This usually ends with applause and happy faces. I made this little drawing for his birthday.

Michelangelo with Dance Partner

Birthday Piece for JMFT
Colored Pencils and Ink

JMFT Birthday Vard

DJ Matt Hite
Water color and ink - 2003

A simple little watercolor I did for my cool musical programmer friend, Matt. I'm going to have to do something else for him someday, because this one is not so great.

I did some logo stuff for him and turned it into an article on Flash & Freehand MX. I did a mini theme song and animation for him at the end of this page.

DJ Matt Hite by Joe Sparks

Going to Hell
Colored Pencils and ink- 2002

Even toiletries will burn. This is just a silly thing I did to amuse my friends one night.


I think Risa has this now.

Going To Hell by Joe Sparks

Mini Crucifixion
Colored Pencils and ink - 2002

They just stumbled upon this problem somewhere, in like, 2002!! Yikes!

I actually have a deeper thought about what this means. What do you think it means?

Mini Crucifixion



If you would like to own a nice little print of one of these, they are available, and cheap. I also do custom artwork now and then (as gifts for people, for Radiskull Fans, etc.), but keep in mind that my time is very limited, and it could be a little expensive to hire me to do something special just for you. If you are interested in grabbing some of my original artwork, just send me an email, telling me what you are interested in and I will get back to you. Title your email with a very specific subject title (or else it may get lost in my sea of daily emails). - JOE SPARKS

Joe Sparks <>

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