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December 2017: I'm making shows again

After years of fixing and re-mixing ads for the world's biggest advertisers, I've gone back to my roots as an independent creator.

I enjoy making music, characters, voices, and animation. I am so glad to be doing it again.

I posted 2 new music video stories on my YouTube Channel at Some find them "odd" but everyone will find them unique!

Want to reach me? I chat with people, and post works-in-progress and sneak-peeks on Instagram, Twitter , LinkedIn. You can reach me there!

Most of my visitors remember Radiskull & Devil Doll and ask about Episode 9.
Good News: I'm actually working on this for the first time since I stopped doing the show.
Not-As-Good: I am piecing it together from ancient Flash files, and I will not release it until it good enough.

Be the first to know when E9 is ready: subscribe to my YouTube Channel. I promise to alert my subscribers first.

Best wishes and I hope to hear from you!

My very ancient site is still here (some of the oldest pixels on the internet)