Listing of Joe Sparks Services, Specialties, Experience Highlights, Recent Clients

Interactive media programming and design

Flash: ActionScript Programming Director: Lingo Programming
User Interface Design + Javascript + CSS Game and Activity Design
Art & Animation from story boards to game assets Music & Sound Design, production & creation

High Tech Company Start Up Skills & Experience

CEO - Pop Rocket, Inc. Experience raising VC & Angel Capital

Recruiting Employees & Evaluating Talent (Macromedia, Shockwave, Pop Rocket, Reactor, AW, Gyro)

Product Pitch Experience- To Company Boards, VC, Distributors, Publishers
Forged alliances and product Distribution worldwide ( Electronic Arts, Mindscape, NEC, BMG, more.)
Employee #7 of Paracomp -> Macromedia VP of R&D - Reactor, Inc.
Creative Team Leader Company Advisor

Cartoon Animation, Video Production, Shows & Advertising Creation

Complete, start to finish show & spot development Unique Character Design
Director of Shorts and Serials Original Music and Songs, Product Jingles
Art & Animation - Design & Production Voice Talent
Story Writing & Dialog Scripting Show packaging and delivery to web, video, DVD
Web and Banner Advertising Voiceover Recording & Production/Tech Preparation
Top Notch Collaborator & Idea Person (Attended so many corporate brainstorming meetings)
Creator of Logos, Product Names, Slogans  

Promotion & Evangelism

Highly Rated Conference Speaker Many hours on-camera experience
Top Notch Software Demonstrations Experienced Corporate Trainer
Ran Successful Viral Web Campaigns Speaker Support (media + guest to CEOs, execs)
Press & media relations experience: Sparks & work featured in 100's of major publications worldwide

Recent Clients 2005-2008

Y&R: AMD flash banner ads Questus: Flash based web sites
Modem Media: Flash Actionscript Presentation UI Kaiser Web Group: Thrive site, HTML, Javascript
Publicis Dialog: Streaming Flash audio and video for Sprint Cisco Systems: Kids education site, flash + html
Kessler Pacific (interactive flash, javascript, web sites, email campaigns, advertising creative, animation) for Net Zero, Washington Mutual. At Gyro International: Sun, Microsoft, Borland, NetAp, SmartTurn, LeapFrog, Avnet, Many others, doing microsites, product demos, video editing and players, streaming media, flash sites, animation, voice over, music, PHP sites, databases, integrated campaigns across multiple media.




on old 2 foot square promotional poster, created to hang at marketing company Jack Morton Worldwide, for an artist/designer show.