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Joe Sparks <>



Get me on your stage!

I'm a very experienced, informative, and entertaining speaker. I have served as a keynote or featured speaker at: Sundance Film Festival, Seybold, Animation World, FlashForward SF, NY, Amsterdam, Recording Academy's Music & Multimedia, Macworld (Many worldwide), Macromedia User Conference (Many worldwide), SIG-CHI, Digital Hollywood, Windows World Tokyo, AEC, Macromedia Web World, Imagina Monte Carlo, Multimedia World Tokyo, HomeMedia Expo, VisComm, San Francisco Film Festival, Mill Valley Film Festival, QuickTime Festivals, Apple Developer Conference, Aplle Multimedia Conference, SF01, NewMedia Invision, Multimedia Expo Hollywood, BMUG, TECHTV, and many more trade shows, art schools, Universities, TV & radio appearances (USA, UK, Sweden, Germany, Monaco, Japan & more). I have also appeared in documentaries on multimedia and the dotcom era. (I have also been the subject of a large number of print-press articles & interviews worldwide.) Google: "Joe Sparks"

I am currently a popular speaker on the topics of animation, the web, creativity & software, appearing at universities, high-profile trade conferences, TV & radio shows.

Published Products (incomplete list):

Primary Contributor or sole designer & developer: Spaceship Warlock (Reactor), Total Distortion (Pop Rocket, Electronic Arts, NEC, BMG Interactive, Mindscape Europe), Radiskull & Devil Doll (, Behind the Scenes of Radiskull & Devil Doll (, Radiskull & Devil Doll The Book (Carlton Publishing), ShockRave Dance Club (, MediaBooks (Shockwave & Zing), About Director 7 (Macromedia), Space Sub Video (NASA Ames Research), Virtual Reality Video (VPL & Smithsonian Museum).

Secondary Contributor: Creepy Castle (Reactor), Radiskull & Devil Doll the Comic Book Series (Devil's Due Publishing), Desert Strike, Kasparov's Chess (Electronic Arts), and others I can't remember right now.

Speaking at Macromedia Web World, SF

I am also available for special project consulting.

Send requests to Please write a descriptive subject line, and include as much detail as you can, including any necessary contact information. Thank you!


Joe Sparks <>

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